April 28, 2011prassede

Michael, how are you?
I was talking with someone about Mike O and you, and newton south and all that - and idly googled you - and here you are. In wikipedia too!.
but maybe not on FB or more.
how are you?!
where are you?
email me or something?

April 25, 2011Samantha

Hi we didn\'t meet in krakow but I saw you play. I\'m friends w mark rubin, dan, have studied w steven greenman and blah blah
any way I have a Yiddish band some of is are coming to san Fran to play a wedding..
Any chance for a master class???
Feel free to call or email.. 512-897-9556

March 30, 2011Itzhak Andres

Hey, I admire your voice... and your Chernobyl song....
I was wandering if this ir right...

אַ מעשׂהעלע פֿון אָך און װײ פּאַסירט אין לאַנד פֿון קגב
דאָרט אין מיטן אוקראַיִנע
רוט זיך שיין ניט מער די שכינה

זאָגן זאָג איך אייַך דעם פּשאַט
אַז אין טשערנאָביל בייַם פּריפּאַט
דאַרף די שכינה מער ניט ריען
פֿון זיך אַליין טוט אַלץ שיין גליען

ענערגיע, אוי, ס'יז אַ פּראַכֿט!
נאָר אַ טאָעסל האָט מען געמאַכֿט
דאָרט אין לאַנד פֿון רוס דעם שטאָלצן
האָט מע די וועלט שיר ניט פֿאַרשמאָלצן

אַלץ אין אָרדנונג, קאַראַשאָ!
האָט געסאַגט פּאָליטביוראָ
נאָר בייַם רעכֿטן און בייַם לינקן
האָט מען מוירע מילסך צו טרינקן

זינט דער צימעס שפּאַס פּריפּיאַט
די גאַנצע וועלט האָט פייַנט סאַלאַט
פֿון קאַמטשאַטקע ביז קאַנאַדע
טרינקען דאַרף מען לימאָנאַדע

טאָ וואָס האָב איך צו יענעם אָרט?
ס'יז יידן פֿלעגן וווינען דאָרט
איצטערט, אַף די קייווער אבות
עס טאַנצט אַ נייַער מַלְאַךְ הַמָּוֶת

מיינט ניט, אַז דאָס קען געשיין
אין יענעם ווייַטן לאַנד אַליין
צי אין קיִעוו, צי דיטרויט
כֿאַפּן וועסט דעם זעלבן טויט.

March 15, 2011Hana Wirth-Nesher

As Director of the Goldreich Institute for Yiddish Literature and Culture at Tel Aviv University, I would like to invite you to perform in Tel Aviv in either late June or the first three weeks of July for our international Yiddish summer program. I notice that you will be performing in Krakow, so perhaps you would consider coming here directly from Poland. The program runs from June 27 to July 21. Please let us know if you would consider accepting our invitation.

March 12, 2011pom collins

Michael. Are you out there? I'm flying into NYC this monday and will be around for 4 days. I'd like to meet to chat about some recordings I've made of musicians in Glinitsa, Chernivtsi oblast, UA. Even if you aren't able to meet please let me know.
Take care, Pom Collins

March 07, 2011George Brieger

Dear Michael,

We met over 10 years ago at your apartment on W110 St though your former
roommate Beatrice Aranow; you may remember me as a yid who was born in Eastern
Hungary. I am planning my wedding this July in Manhattan and I am looking for a
small group that plays old world klezmer. I am on a tight budget so I would
understand if you are too busy but perhaps you know some up and coming
klezmoirim who are looking for a gig for a few hours.
BTW, I loved the video of you and Bob Cohen playing the fiddle and singing "Ott
azoy, ott azoy."

Thanks in advance, a sheinem dank,
George Brieger

March 02, 2011Alexis Basque

Hi Michael,
Tjis is Alexis, the trumpet player from Quebec City, I hope you remember me;
I'm not sure what's the fastest way to contact you, so I'll send the same message on facebook also;
Maybe you also remember me playing hungarian bratsche?During Klezkanada last time we met, you mentionned to me a good maker of bratsche somewhere in east europe, and you spoke higly of his instruments. I'm getting at the stage of changing instrument and back then you suggested I'd contact you in first place so you could get me in touch with the maker. You also warned me you could be a while before replying my message and not to be afraid to bug you again...haha,

Hope you're well, I'll be waiting to read from you if you have a minute!
Thanks lots,
Alexis Basque

February 28, 2011pom collins

If your memory is as bad as mine you may not remember meeting. I'm a friend of Jack Falk and we met in Budapest some 5-6 years ago in the company of Bob Cohen and others. I spend part of my time doing field recording and at that time you told me about your work with Leon Schwartz, and of the Gypsy musicians of Glinitsa in Ukraine. Well since then I have done a number of recordings in Glinitsa. I wonder if you'd be interested to hear them. I'll be in New York the week of 3/14 and I wonder if we could meet. let me know.
Pom Collins

February 23, 2011Alty Weinreb

Hi Michael,
I hope your well. We last met outside the 92nd St Y. post a Hitchens debate together with Sruly & Lisa.
I have an upcoming Frailich Wedding singing gig with Roberto Rodriguez's group on March 6th at 6pm in Queens,NY.
I have Bronchitis & may be unable to do this gig.
Might you be free?
Thank you.

February 21, 2011Jonathan Nathan

Wo Bist Du ?

Long long time ??????????

February 19, 2011Marilyn Lucier

Just browsed your website and noticed that you'll be in Berkely March 8. We'll hope to be there too. I think a storm kept us away last time which was a long time ago. Here's hoping. Love, Marilyn

January 31, 2011PENNY kORNET

Really missing you Michael. I did a search and found you on linked in and found this link as well. My girlfriend Judy asked for you. We went into NY city together to see you perform in front of the World Trade Center years ago.

I really would love to see you perform and hear from you. Missing your presence very much. Much love and turning 60 in April! Cuz Penny

January 13, 2011Maurice Wolfthal

Dear Mr. Alpert,
I have enjoyed your music for years, and I am wondering whether you could tell me the musical sources of "Chernobyl," one of my all-time favorites. The liner notes I have just say "Ukrainian/Jewish melody." Could you be more specific?

A shaynem un hertziken dank!
Maurice Wolfthal

January 09, 2011Kevin MacDowell

Dear Mr. Alpert,
I'm very happy to hear that you will be on campus at IU BLoomington this semester! I am a scotch Irish Amrican mutt who plays klezmer music in Bloomington's own The Klezmorchestra (formerly The Huted Haunted Bazerghan Klezmoikestra). I do hope that you have enough down time and interest in meeting local musicians. I also play a lot of music for children in town as Kid Kazooey (the singin' and swingin' librarian). This Friday and Saturday nite at the Neal Marshall Center, 3 of us from The Klezmorchestra will be accompanying a dance troupe. Perhaps you'd be willing and able to attend? Also, I have had the pleasure of sharing the stage with your comrade Matt Darriau playing original quasi klezmer compositions of my own at one of his visits back home here in Bloomington. Blah blah blah... I hope our paths cross while you are in B'ton!
Blessings on your head,
Kevin MacDowell
Kid Kazooey
Just one of Bloomington's Luftmensh

January 06, 2011Amy Horowitz

Hey Michael,

I am at IU and I want to get in touch/ pls send me your latest email! Are you here?
My home phone is 812-822-2127
I want Ariel to take your course -- I will send you a very rough and short kreisler piece that will give you enough of a sense of her musicality. she is studying at IU with Mauricio Fuks --- she is 14 but you won't be sorry to have her in your class:-) 

December 20, 2010Daniel Schley

Dear Professor Alpert,

My name is Daniel Schley and I am a student at Dartmouth College. This winter, I will be conducting research for Professor Lewis Glinert for the Dartmouth Jewish Sound Archive (www.dartmouth.edu/~djsa).

We are looking to gather documentation about American Orthodox-Jewish music recording enterprise in the vinyl/cassette era (approximately 1965-1985). In particular, we are looking to find information about Chasidic-popular style performers and composers such as Shlomo Carlebach, The Rabbis' Sons, Shmuel Brazil, Martin Davidson, Kol Salonika, Pirchim, D'veykus and so on. We are also hoping to find information on more 'traditional' Chasidic performers and labels (such as Ben Zion Shenker, David Werdyger, and the Neginah, Tikvah and Chabad Nichoach labels).

The only documentation we have at the Dartmouth Jewish Sound Archive are the record and cassette jackets and labels. We would like to locate press and magazine coverage, scholarly analysis, and ephemera. We are hoping to post such documentation on the DJSA website, for the benefit of its users worldwide.

Please let me know if you would be willing to give me any advice towards this project. Please also let me know if it would be possible for me to place a follow up phone call to you.

Any help you provide on this issue would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.


Daniel Schley

December 02, 2010Melech Mechaya

See this Portuguese klezmer band please>

November 24, 2010Laure Flapan

Dear Mr. Alpert,
I am a student at Yale University currently taking Craig Harwood's class on Klezmer music. I am interested in Jewish dance and am currently researching the sher.

I am having a bit of a hard time finding information about the sher. I was wondering if you could provide me with some information about the sher. In particular, I am interested in the gestures that are characteristic of the sher. Many sources mention the sher as an opportunity for the women to showcase their arms and shoulders in a flirtatious way. Do you know what exactly this entailed?

Any help at all would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.
Laure Flapan

November 15, 2010RONALD Wixman (Ronnie of Ronnie and Steve)

Bubbie: Ikh hob dich a lib azoy az ich hob dich am kompyutr gezen. Michael. I don't know how to use a computer but a friend found you under Klezmer and I am still kveling. It is such a pleasure to see that you are a great success. Zolst leben bis a hundert un tvontsik in gezint un freylikhkayt. Mazel Tov af als dink.
Dain fraint Ronelel

November 12, 2010carol basman

are you available to perform in Toronto?
Please contact me .
Carol Basman
416 960-3333
416 558-2881

Many thanks.

October 24, 2010Aron de Vries

Dear Mr. Alpert,

My name is Aron de Vries (19) from The Netherlands. I recently set up and jewish music band and we play many different kinds of jewish music for small audiences for fun. I have played violin for almost 11 years. I just listened to your track 'Besarabye' and I wondered whether it's possible if we can get the sheets of this beautiful number. I searched the whole internet looking for sheet music of this track. I know it's your composition and we understand if you aren't willing to give. But if you do not mind to offer us the sheets, we would very appreciate. Otherwise, can you tell me where I can buy the sheets of 'Besarabye'? Thank you in advance,
Aron de Vries

October 18, 2010Paul Margolis

Dear Mr. Alpert,
I noticed your photo for the 6th St. Synagogue gig, and I realized that I probably have a far better image of you from the Seward Park klezmer event in October 2007. I'm a photographer and writer who documents Jewish life, and I'm interested in photographing klezmer musicians with old-fashioned black and white film. Please take a look at my web site -- www.paulmargolis.com -- which will give you an idea of the kinds of work that I do. If I turn up the image of you that I believe I have, I will e-mail it to you.
Regards, Paul Margolis
212 932-9281

October 05, 2010Judy Bro Pinhasik - Yugntruf - Youth for Yiddish

Dear Michael --

We may have met at KlezKamp several years ago when I was working for Henry Sapoznik as at Living Traditions' Development Director. Now I'm Coordinator of Yugntruf - Youth for Yiddish, the non-profit started by Dr. Mordkhe Schaechter more than 45 years ago, and now being rejuvenated by his Yiddish-speaking grandchildren.

Yugntruf is planning its first NYC Yidish Tog ("Yiddish Day") in two years and we'd love it if you could contribute your considerable talents to this day dedicated to Yiddish culture and language.

On Sunday, Nov. 7th, we'll hold Yidish Tog from noon until 6 pm at the Stanton Street Shul (180 Stanton Street on the Lower East Side). Thanks to a grant from the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council (a city arts agency), Yugntruf's Yidish Tog will offer workshops in Yiddish folk arts, dance, poetry, and music, as well as performances in Yiddish theatre, klezmer and song.

This event is open to the public of all ages, with $10 admission for adults, $6 for students and seniors, and free to children 12 and under. With extensive publicity in tri-state area media and on the internet, we're expecting several hundred people throughout the day.

We would love for you to perform a 45 to 50-minute set of Yiddish song (a program of your choice) some time during that 6-hour event. Because of the LMCC grant, we can offer our performers a $100 fee for their set. I know this is consderably less than your usual pay for commercial gigs. but we're a small non-profit with an even smaller budget!

I know you'll have lots of questions about this event, but I wanted to find out now if you would be available that day and can join us. Please give me a call at my cell -- (201) 951-6607 -- and let's talk soon!


Judith Bro Pinhasik

Yugntruf / Youth for Yiddish
419 Lafayette Street
New York, NY 10003
(212) 889-0381
cell: (201) 951-6607

October 03, 2010DAVID ROTHENBERG

Mr. Alpert:

I have long admired your work - Brave Old World, Kapelye, and other endeavors in Yiddish / Jewish music. I was priviliged to see / hear you in concert way back when, and I own some of your CDs.

I have been trying to contact you and Mr. Bern. The purpose of this email is to seek your permission (or to find out how to get permission) to use "Reb Itzik's Nign" as the soundtrack for a video montage of the photos from my son's Bar Mitzvah, 9/26/10. My son led virtually all of the service, including Hallel, Netilat Lulav, and the Hoshanot. As such, there is a lot of movement in the service and presumably in the photos as well. "Reb Itzik's Nign" is a beautiful, expressive, dignified piece of music. It combines the stateliness of a march, the joy of celebration, and - at times - the violin / clarinet sounds sweet, and delicate, sometimes evoking a touch of pathos. These are all emotions I wish to have in my montage - the "sunrise / sunset" feeling of a child growing up before us, the triumph of his accomplishments on the bema, the pride of our family in his accomplishments, the bittersweet sadness of missing (but everpresent) grandparents, the overflowing joy in celebrating his promise as a future bearer of our Torah and tradition.

This commemorative souvenir - a montage of the images from our simcha - needs appropriate music to give it the emotional pull it deserves. I would be thrilled and honored to have your / Mr. Bern / Brave Old World's permission. Do I need other clearances from others as well?

Oh yes - and at about 6 minutes it is the perfect length and will stand on its own musically and visually.

I will be happy to send a copy of the finished product to you.

If you have any questions / concerns, please do not hesitste to contact me.

With best wishes for your continued creative and personal success -

Sincerely -



September 19, 2010aunt Manya Bertram

moved to Oakland same e mail: manyamin@sbcglobal.net..now near
our daughter Carel, living in Piedmont Gardens with other Oldies. Sure would love to hear from you. Love from Aunt Manya Uncle Bud is feeling better
and proud that next month we celebrate his 98th birthday!
Drop us a note or, better yet, drop in!!! Best love and good luck in all
that you are doing.

September 08, 2010Maud DIllingham

Hello Michael,

I am the assistant to Michal Goldman, who directed A Jumpin' Night in the Garden of Eden. She is making a trailer to raise money for updating and putting the movie on DVD and would like to use some of your music that you are making now. Would that be possible?Sincerely,Maud Dillingham

September 07, 2010helen zukerman

Great workshop of the Ukrainian material! Always a pleasure to see you perform. I will be spending October in NY this year so keep me apprised of any musical events that I should be at.

thanks and maybe we can have a coffee if you're around

August 16, 2010Bonnie Berkowicz

Hi there!

Hope all is well. Don\'t know if you are in NY or elsewhere but just wanted to check in. My niece, who plays the sax and is about to start the Jazz music program at Paterson, is visiting with her brother this coming weekend. Wondering if you know if any of our/your musician friends are playing anywhere in NYC this Saturday night for us to take them to. Let me know who I should be in touch with.


Bonnie (Berkowicz)
914-668-8181 (M-TH) office (9:30 - 6:30 (ish)
Cell: 917-270-1632

August 02, 2010Richard Doust

Hi Michael ! It was great to talk to you on the train today. I hope your journey went ok. I'd love to meet up with you again in gutn un gikhn tsaytn. Here are a few links :

(new design underway...)

fb: richard.doust
twitter: richeart
email: richard.doust@gmail.com
cell: +33698494751

all the best

July 13, 2010nurit

I believe I got an email from you but it got deleted by accident with all the spam. If so, please resend it. Many thanks! - Nurit

July 13, 2010nurit

I believe I got an email from you but it got deleted by accident with all the spam. If so, please resend it. Many thanks! - Nurit

July 13, 2010Nurit Pacht

Hello Michael Alpert. My fiance and I visited some of your videos on the web and loved them. I don't know if you do this kind of thing, but I thought to ask just in case. We're getting married in Long Island on Sunday, August 29 in the afternoon and wanted to have a small Klezmer band perform in the reception. We, most of our family and many of our friends attending the wedding are professional musicians but noone plays Klezmer so it would be all the more fun and perfect for us. This may not be possible because we're on a tight budget but I still wanted to explore the possibility. Would you be interested and available? My email is nurit@nuritpacht.com and my number is 917 689 0332. My fiance is Rami Vamos and his email is ramivamos@yahoo.com and phone is 347 743 3832.
All my best,

June 09, 2010Jessica Kligman

Is this part under construction, too, or will you actually get this email? Hi, Michael! I hope this finds you well. I'm trying to find you to ask you a question, and my email to meyshke@aol.com was sent back. Please let me know that you received this message, and then I'll send you my original email to you. Thanks so much.

June 05, 2010Philip Todres

Hello - I'm visiting NYC from Cape Town, where this year we will be celebrating our 10th Annual Yiddish Song Festival. I was hoping that you might be in the city and that we could have a coffee together and talk about the possibility of you coming to Cape Town one year. My cell phone number is 646 533 1165, I'm in NY until Fri 11. Kind regards. Philip

April 23, 2010Juliane Lensch

Dear Michael, I have no other mail address of yours. Do you remember our interview on the subject "krekhts" five years ago in Weimar? It was for my dissertation. This one came out now as a book: " Klezmer. Von den Wurzeln in Osteuropa zum musikalischen Patchwork in den USA". I would like to sent you a copy. If you give me a post address, the publisher will ship you one.
Best wishes

March 07, 2010EstherKa

Dear Michael Alpert,

we met some ten years ago at Ian Leveson's home in Berlin for a kabbalat shabbat. Your version of Shalom Aleychem - part one - is what I would like to hear again so I can teach it to my children. Would you be so kind to let me know how the hungarians sing it?
A dank and a gut voch!

Esther Kontarsky

March 05, 2010Andrea Buti

Hi, any chance of Michael coming to London to play/sing/lecture? It's my dream of hearing him play and sing!

February 16, 2010Howard Levitsky

I'm the guy from the NJT train. I wanted to send you an e-mail but meyshke inbox is full up. (1000 messages!) Anway, I got home and had received an email with this link. Apparently the Orthodox Music Police has spoken. I thought you'd like to know. Pass it on at will. :-)